What's Special About This Course?

What’s special about this course:

  • At the outset, you receive the benefit of literally hundreds of years of knowledge and experience from current industry professionals. Their inside secrets will immediately place you years ahead of any other new writer.
  • At the successful completion of your course, you are entitled to accreditation with our parent company, International News Syndicate LTD.
  • Once you complete the course, you can earn money doing what you love by being involved in the travel industry. Editors are hungry for competent material to fill their pages and will pay for it. This course shows you how to go about helping to fill this need.
  • You will learn the fundamentals of good writing, and how to apply them in both print, and digital mediums.
  • You’ll find the course loads of fun.

Still apprehensive?

Here are some other reasons to consider taking the exciting step of becoming a freelance travel writer:

    If you have a deep interest in travel, why not turn this into profit? You can indulge your passion and get paid for doing what you enjoy, so why not?
    As a travel journalist and writer, you’ll discover you enjoy a special standing within the community. People are interested in what you do and wish they knew how to do it themselves.
    You can work for yourself, you can usually determine your own working schedule and you can also choose the type of work that most interests you.
    Freelance travel writers can be very well paid. At the same time, their trips will often be funded, their overheads are minuscule and they can work from anywhere in the world.

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Learn online, at your own pace and become a travel writer.

With flexible payment options and course guarantees, this course allows you to study with ease and peace of mind.

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