Recognition from academic leaders

The British College of Journalism and The Ultimate Travel Journalism Course are approved with the International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC).The College is also a proud member of The International Association of Private Career Colleges (IAPCC).

The Ultimate Travel Journalism Course is recognised as providing appropriate training to work in the travel writing industry. We have some of the UK’s leading travel writers and editors as contributors and tutors to ensure a great learning experience whatever your goals. We strive to provide a course that is both enjoyable and challenging while remaining self-paced.

The international acknowledgement that this course has obtained serves both our local and international students. This travel journalism course prepares students to use their newly acquired skills both in the UK and abroad.

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About the IARC

The IARC provides a system for distinguishing quality post-secondary education including vocational education, distance education, adult and continuing education.

IARC works with participating institutions across the world including the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

The board of the IARC is invested in ensuring the quality of courses provided by its members. IARC members offer private education which has met the high standard required to achieve IARC approval. The IARC is not administered by any government organisations or the government education department.

This approval awards recognition of the British College of Journalism as having met high standards of criteria in the areas of administration, course content, course delivery and graduate assessments.

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About the IAPPC

The IAPCC is the global industry association for private post-secondary schools, institutes and colleges that provide career-specific educational programs.

The College shares the IAPCC Value statement of providing quality career and market-focused education to support students towards industry success whilst operating with integrity and compliance with polices and legislation.

The IAPCC is a non-profit global industry association with the aims and objectives to serve its members, students enrolled by IAPCC’s members, and the public. These include fostering and promoting high educational standards and IAPCC’s Code of Ethics, encouraging the development of improvements in the fields of education in the career college sector and to work in harmony with other related associations to name a few.

Experience local life as a travel writer. We can show you how.
Experience local life as a travel writer. We can show you how.

Qualification required to work as a travel journalist

Unlike other industries, at most levels travel writing does not require formal qualifications or training to find work and success. However, the value in undertaking a course such as the one we offer is knowing how to approach travel journalism, writing efficiently and effectively, understanding publication processes and chains of command and knowing how to profit from your efforts. You will find what you ‘can do’ is far more highly regarding in the industry than any qualification you can obtain.

It is for this reason that our course is intensely focused on the practical side of travel journalism.  The assignments you complete throughout this course will go a long way towards forming the backbone of your professional portfolio that you will then be able to build on your work is published.

You can find out more about this freelance journalism course by downloading your free course guide here.