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Meryl J

I discovered that travel journalism makes certain demands on the writer which are perhaps not obvious to the casual readers of a broadsheet travel section or travel journal. The course highlighted how ignorant I was of some salient facts in travel writing. Being made aware of them helped me to improve and market my articles. Indeed, within two days of completing the course, I had an article and photos accepted for an inflight magazine.


I liken this course to creating your own body: the body cannot move until you have a strong skeleton. The strong skeleton will allow you to articulate your arms, legs and head smoothly with grace, to express whatever you want. This course guides you to attain this core skeletal strength in your writing which will make your work attractive to publishers.


As always in life, it is difficult to see your weaknesses and strengths. My tutor was adept at helping me appreciate my strengths, without ignoring what I needed to work on. The feedback was fair, to the point and always returned promptly. This helped to maintain my motivation. I found it imperative to accept the advice of my tutor to glean the true rewards of the course.


I cannot recommend the tutors and course highly enough.

Meryl J
I had never considered myself good enough to be a writer of any description. Travel journalism seemed attractive but felt beyond me. I approached The Ultimate Travel Journalism Course with the feeling that it would be good to know how to write about the experiences I encountered while travelling. Being published was not a priority. The real drive was sharing with others.

Meryl J

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