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Ellie S

When I first started the British College of Journalism’s Ultimate Travel Journalism Course, I was working full-time in marketing for a hotel in London. I was doing a little bit of freelance writing on the side, but deep down I wanted to become a travel writer full-time.

The only issue was, I wasn’t sure how. Travel writing is a dream job for many, and while I knew I had the passion for it, I wasn’t too sure where to start.

The Ultimate Travel Journalism Course was so helpful in kick-starting my travel writing career. I learnt everything from how to improve my descriptive writing, to how best to pitch to editors, to how to take quality images for publication.

My tutor’s advice was always spot-on, and I felt that I agreed with it in pretty much every case. He was always constructive yet friendly, giving me personal tips on how to transform my writing into a piece that flows well and is sellable.

I loved that the course was so flexible with no due dates for the assignments. It meant that I could go through the course in my own time while still working full-time without any pressure.

I’m over the moon to say that I’m now a full-time freelance writer, with a lot of my work being within the travel and tourism field. I write for several different content and digital marketing agencies with travel being my niche, so most working days I get to write on my favourite topic.

I also write for some travel clients directly, with ASMALLWORLD travel and lifestyle community being one of my favourites.

At the moment, I’m writing full-time and travelling the world simultaneously, staying in one spot for a month so I can work on my writing without getting too distracted. The idea of earning enough money writing while travelling at the same time was always a dream of mine, and I feel so lucky to be in this position.

If I’m completely honest, I always thought it was a distant dream that may never come true, but if you put enough time and dedication into turning your travel writing dreams into reality, it really is possible. My goal is to have my travel writing published in printed publications as well as online, and I feel that with my tutor’s guidance, it will happen soon.

I’d recommend this course to anyone who dreams of becoming a travel writer but needs that extra push and guidance getting there. After all, it’s a big media world out there and with so much going on, it can be overwhelming learning the ropes on your own.

To my tutor and the staff at the British College of Journalism – thank you so much!

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Ellie S
The idea of earning enough money writing while travelling at the same time was always a dream of mine, and I feel so lucky to be in this position.

Ellie S

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